Introducing OnSiteLive – a highly flexible, fully integrated data collection and reporting tool combined within a simple, intuitive analytics interface.

OnSiteLive is a revolutionary, fully integrated data capture, analysis mapping and reporting platform that has been specifically developed for the management of wastewater, sewerage and drainage monitoring.

Easy to use, yet incredibly flexible and customisable, OnSiteLive is capable of collecting every datastream that monitoring can provide; from simple rainfall, flow, velocity and depth, through to key information on oxygen levels, clarity, particulates, pH and contaminants essential for monitoring pollution.

OnSiteLive enables users to present key survey data on a tailored home screen providing instant clear, concise graphical information. That data can then be examined further and viewed on maps and graphs to gain valuable insight into the information collected. The data can be exported in all industry standard formats, or fed directly into other management software.

  • Data Collection
  • Data Processing
  • Data Reporting

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