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Smarter solutions born out of the UK water sector

Right across the country, our water and sewage companies are starting to work smarter. Monitoring their clean and wastewater pipes with sensors that alert them to problems before they happen, helping them reduce supply interruptions, flooding and pollution incidents. If this works better for the owners of the largest networks of drains in the country, surely it can work well for you too?



It’s time to think differently

Let’s stop and think about what happens today. Drains are clearly not your core business and neither should they be, but you do need your pipes and associated drainage assets to be in good operating order to avoid problems and their potential impact and disruption to your business.


So, you may currently invest in drain inspection and cleaning services, delivered to a set maintenance schedule. This is great as it certainly helps keep your drainage in good order. But, you can’t see what’s happening in those pipes between servicing sessions, leaving your business at risk of sudden spills or flooding.



Monitor to prevent

Just like the water companies are doing, we can quickly and easily fit telemetered monitoring sensors in your drain manholes/chambers. They will automatically alert you and us to a dangerous rise in the water level in the pipe, and we can be onsite to fix the problem before the drain sewage spills over, avoiding disruption to your business and services, impacts to customers and potential spillage or pollution fines.


An advanced warning system to avoid bothersome sewage and drain incidents. What’s not to like?





Why OnSite

There aren’t many businesses who understand drainage like we do. We’ve been working for the UK water and wastewater sectors for over 45 years, and our teams are at the forefront of innovative approaches to reduce wastewater incidents and issues.


What’s more; we have the skills and credentials to work on and in confined drainage systems. We are Nationwide and offer a 24/7 365-day service which means we will aways be there for you when you need us.



Other wastewater services we offer

Sensor monitoring is just the newest and most innovative of our specialist sewer and drain services.


Our full end to end service includes:

– Sewer and drain sensoring monitoring

– Sewer and drain blockage clearance

– Sewer and drain cleaning

– Sewer and drain condition assessment

– Sewer and drain rehabilitation/remediation

– PPM (planned preventative maintenance) programmes





Prevention has to be better than cure? Contact us now to find out more about proactive drain monitoring and its benefits.

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