PortaDam is a proprietary temporary dam system, with the structural design and performance, certified by numerous bodies to enable temporary works certification to be achieved. With nearly 50 years design and installation experience and thousands of meters installed Portadam is the most effective and safest temporary dams available. The specially designed ‘A’ frame structure and tailored membrane creates a freestanding structure that requires no additional bracing or supports, providing a safe and dry area for maintenance, inspection and construction works.

Take a look at our Portadam animation (4m 50s) or scroll down to view our application galleries

Cofferdam installation and Flume dam installation (30 seconds)

Portadam Key Features

  • A complete temporary dam installation and hire service.
  • Standard frame sizes up to 2.5m  :  Specialist deep water frames up to 4.5m
  • All elements are man-portable on Frames up to 3m
  • Temporary Works Design Certification for both impounded water and dynamic water environments
  • Site specific Temporary Works Design Certification where required
  • In use since 1973 with tens of kilometres successfully installed
  • Designed to over top and allow flow through to reduce flood risk during high water levels


Portadam Applications/Sectors

  • Rivers, canals, lakes, ponds, tidal estuaries and coastal
  • Isolating bridges and culverts for inspection and maintenance works
  • Bank, wall, towpath works
  • Weirs and fish passes
  • Outfalls and infalls
  • Isolation of water control structures
  • Flume dams (up to 1200mm diameter)
  • Reservoir structures and settling tanks
  • Water diversion channels


Portadam Installation

All installations are carried out by OnSites experienced and highly trained operatives.  Our training and experience is key to providing an effective temporary dam so that you can confidently place your man-power and equipment in a safe dry working area.

After initial dewatering there is a 12 hour stand down period before an integrity check is carried out and the dam signed off for safe use.

Portadam operatives have a minimum of two years  installation training  as well as the following certification as standard:

  • Confined Space working
  • Safe Working in Water
  • Water rescue
  • CSCS cards
  • On going monitoring and assessment.