Temporary Dams

Working in or near water can be a difficult and risky business so you need to be confident that the safest method for the conditions will deal with the water management needed in some of the most perilous environments.


OnSite is a leading UK supplier and installer of temporary dam structures. With years of experience, OnSite offers a range of temporary dam solutions that are versatile, effective and can be quickly deployed.


OnSite’s accredited team are highly skilled and trained to provide a safe and dry working area along UK waterways. Thousands of temporary dams have been installed by the company. Their clients include some of the prominent utility and waterway companies who trust OnSite’s team when they need to carry out essential repairs and maintenance, flood control or waterway diversions.


Offering portable dam solutions, OnSite are specialists in the supply and installation of the trusted and well established PortaDam ‘A’ frame solution. This type of temporary dam construction is ideal for use in depths of 2.5m. For shallow watercourses, there are inflatable or water-filled dams that are ideal for isolating culverts or creating dry working areas in lakes and ponds with low water flow.


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