OnSite understands how important it is to protect the environment we work in. Many of our activities call for us to work in or around sensitive environmental receptors, so we always ensure the most robust biosecurity through our effective survey & mitigation techniques.

OnSite offers detailed environmental appraisals and ecology surveys for a range of biodiversity and specialist sites:

Undertaking ecological surveys will ensure that:

  • The client is aware of any ecological constraints at an early stage.
  • The site can be designed to minimise impacts on biodiversity.
  • Any legally protected species (European or British) or notable species (listed in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, the Local Biodiversity Action Plan, Red listed, locally rare or listed on Section 41 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006) will be identified so that the development can avoid or minimise impacts on them.
  • The design of mitigation and enhancement measures will be appropriate to the site and surrounding area.

OnSite will then help deploy a number of environmental solutions to either limit the impacts of long and short term work activities or to help promote a positive impact on the local biodiversity.

Services include:

  • Fencing solutions for sites including temporary amphibian or anti-litter fencing
  • Bird mitigation netting
  • Vegetation Management
  • River bank and berm maintenance
  • Re-planting and encouragement of native species
  • Habitat installation