OnSite Central offer to help our Customers at all stages when they become aware of a leak on their pipework. This can be after Water Company leak detection has found a suspected problem through their active investigation on the Network or though visible signs of water escaping or noise in pipes.

Water leaks can be costly – and not just on your water bill. Leaking water can cause damage to property and if left, a leak can result in a burst pipe, disrupting operations and requiring costly replacement

OnSites experienced Leakage team will help to both find and fix leaks of all sizes and materials in any circumstances.

Our leak detection capability includes using the latest technology and trained staff to pinpoint where a leak is to avoid extensive excavation work and to provide optimum value for money solutions

Leak detection options include traditional listening stick, Leak noise correlation, Noise logging and ground microphone

Our teams will trace pipework using the latest pipe tracing equipment and locate and check fittings to identify supply routes and pipe ownership

OnSite can advise on Insurance related claims and provide written and photographic evidence to Customers and also provide quotations where necessary

All Onsite staff have received Customer service training to enable us to deliver exceptional performance and satisfaction through all stages of a leakage problem.

OnSite will consider all repair work for private domestic / retail and Commercial clients and carry out free surveys and quotes when requested

Our repair teams have a range of equipment to repair or relay leaking pipework or just renew water supply pipes including new point of entries and internal connections

They using the latest moling equipment to insert pipes without excavation avoiding reinstatement and reducing costs

We are WATERSAFE and WATERMARK registered and our Plumbers are WIAPS accredited in Water regulations

We offer a cost effective leakage repair service, on a planned or emergency basis.


Get in touch with our Pipelines department to discuss your requirements on 0121 520 1006