OnSite are specialists in culvert access, inspection and rehabilitation. With extensive survey and repair experience, OnSite are able to offer a complete ‘find and fix’ service in even the most inaccessible locations. Our waterways teams are able to conduct all types of CCTV/sonar surveys using a variety of techniques (including the use of remotely operated vehicles (ROV), man-entry and via floating platform) to provide culvert maintenance.

Culvert Surveys – Pre-entry scoping, man entry traversing and conventional CCTV inspections (including sonar) as well as topographical surveys.
Culvert Survey Reports – Instant digital capture and bespoke reporting includes rehabilitation options and quotations for any defects above specified grades. This allow
Prioritising Culvert works – Use flood mapping combined with the provided rehabilitation costs to generate the most effective budget based program.
Culvert Rehabilitation – Cleaning and rehabilitation services include; de-silting, vegetation & root cutting, a full range of lining & patch repairs (including CIPP and spiral wound lining options), leak sealing, pipe jacking, structural brickwork and concrete repairs.

Ecological Guidance and Mitigation
OnSite also provides an interlinking innovation that supports all works with ecological guidance and mitigation. This tool helps both OnSite and their clients reduce their impact on the environment when undertaking essential conveyance surveys and rehabilitation works.

OnSite Culvert Maintenance – Benefits

  • Complete turnkey solution
  • In-house capabilities – no subcontracting
  • A range of off-road and remote capabilities
  • Specialist Rail Division for rail side culverts
  • Emergency response capability



  • Structural and service condition inspections of culverts and tunnels
  • Inspection using either CCTV or Man Entry methods (or a combination of both)
  • Specialist surveys division for sonar inspection if culvert/tunnel surcharged
  • Difficult and remote access specialists
  • Off road inspection and cleaning units purpose built for culverts
  • Range of CIPP lining, spiral wound lining and patch repair solutions
  • Structural brickwork and concrete repairs
  • Dedicated department, teams & equipment for this very specialist type of inspection