If you are planning on building an extension/undertaking building works over or close to a local authority sewer, then you may be required to gain permission from your local water company to carry out the works. The process is straightforward and is called a Build Over Survey.

The Build Over process requires a developer/homeowner to submit an overview of the building project along with an internal inspection of the sewer(s) (via CCTV camera survey) prior to the works commencing and also on completion. This is to ensure that all pipes are structurally sound, flowing normally and that they are located correctly. It also offers you some reassurance that, if damage to the sewerage network is found at a later date, it may not be attributed to your building work.

OnSite has been carrying out CCTV sewer surveys for over 40 years and we will endeavour to assist you in the smooth running of the process. At a convenient time, we carry out the initial build over CCTV survey, and once the survey is complete, we provide you with a full structural drainage survey with a scale plan, report, findings and copies of the footage.  It is also supplied in a digital package, so you can send it straight to your water company. Once the building work is approved and completed, let us know and we will carry out the post build over inspection on your behalf. If at any time a problem is found, you can rest assured that you will get an experienced, expert opinion from OnSite.


Benefits of a Build Over Survey:

  • Confirms that all drains on your property are in good condition before and after the build
  • Confirms the location of where the drains are on your property
  • Reassurance for you as a homeowner that the drainage is fully functional


Coverage Area

OnSite Central Ltd provides CCTV build over surveys for all water companies, nationwide.

For more details, please get in touch by using the form below or call us on 01905 751 566. Alternatively speak to your local water company for clarification.