OnSite are specialists in a wide range of pipe repair and installation techniques including Guided or unguided Auger Boring for new pipe installation.

Based in Nottingham, OnSite Trenchless undertakes pipe repair and installation services throughout the UK, for a wide range of clients.

Our Guided Auger Boring Solution

Optically (or laser) guided auger boring is the best solution for installing new pipes in virgin ground where accuracy is critical. Our highly trained operators achieve stunning results with this system. The trenchless technique of guided auger boring delivers a range of benefits.


  • Pipe diameters can range from 150mm to 1000mm and lengths of 100 metres
  • Accurate to +/- 40mm over a 50 metre shot
  • Approved for pipe installation under live rail
  • System can install final product pipe or steel sleeves for later slip lining and grouting
  • Guided auger boring installation rates of up to 50 metres per day


Unguided Auger Boring

 A lower cost solution where space is available and accuracy is less important. Either operated from conventional launch pits/shafts or from within existing pipes.

Unguided augerboring offers the following benefits:

  • Pipe lengths of 300 metres can be installed in one shot, subject to pipe diameter and ground conditions
  • Pipe diameters of 150mm to 1200mm can be installed
  • Depending on ground conditions, installation rates of up to 5 metres per hour can be achieved


Specialist Auger Boring          

Our Bohrtec BM150DT auger boring rig is a new design and was the first to be used in the UK. It is ideal for use in difficult locations with restricted access and can be broken into man portable sections.

Our BM150DT offers these advantages:

  • Launching from existing pipes removes the need for launch pits or shafts
  • Pipe diameters of 150mm to 250mm can be installed
  • Pipe lengths of 20 metres can be installed in one shot, subject to pipe diameter and ground conditions
  • Ideal for areas of restricted access where heavier rigs cannot be used



  • Under track crossing (UTX)
  • Under road crossing
  • Under river/canal
  • Under trees (trees are protected from damage caused through open cut techniques)
  • Installations through restricted easement, alleyways, single track roads etc.
  • Main connections to live manholes located within the highway (steel sleeve can be used if the receiving manhole is too small to install clayware).

We also provide auger boring where the depth of the open cut trench exceeds 4 meters. This reduces the cost when we’re installing your new pipes.