OnSite have extensive experience in the inspection of critical large diameter pipeline assets that is probably unparalleled, certainly in the UK and potentially Worldwide. Using pan, tilt & optical zoom CCTV camera technology combined with pipe profiling sonar (TISCIT – Totally Integrated Sonar and CCTV Inspection Technique), OnSite has inspected far in excess of a million metres of large diameter high flowing pipelines, often at great depth and with lengths between manholes of up to 1000m here in the UK and overseas.


Key Features

  • Optical zoom capability providing pin sharp close up views of the pipeline structure
  • High resolution pipe profiling sonar capable of inspecting full or part surcharged
  • Pipe diameters of up to 4000mm diameter can be inspected
  • Up to 600m cable available
  • Lengths up to 1200m between access points possible (survey from each end)
  • Large steerable crawler for inspection of large diameter pipelines with low or zero flow
  • Stable floating platform for semi-surcharged pipelines
  • LED lighting array to provide high levels of illumination in large pipelines



  • Large diameter pipeline or sewer inspection
  • Siphon inspection
  • Aqueduct inspection
  • Culvert inspection
  • Sea outfall inspection
  • Hydro pipeline inspection



  • Safety First – avoid man entry methods by using non man entry inspection techniques
  • No need to divert or over pump flows
  • High quality video


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