Is damp an issue in your tenant’s property?
OnSite can accurately survey your property to establish the cause and quickly (and efficiently!) rectify the issue.

In action
A high-profile customer contacted us to investigate damp affecting their tenant’s living conditions. After a thorough investigation, it was established that there were several defects that would lead to water escaping from the rainwater drainage system and leak through into the tenant’s properties.

Solving the problem
Conventional CIPP lining was not viable due to the access and multiple bends in the pipe arrangement. OnSite have expert equipment in the form of the Picote Maxi Miller (combined with the brush coating system). This market-leading system was able to reach places that conventional methods could not.

Our brush coating provided a fast, effective, and efficient solution. The small footprint of the system offered the perfect way to work in the tight spaces on these roofs. Following a clean (to descale and unblock the pipes) epoxy resin was forced through the resulting micro holes in the pipe. This seals cracks and fractures (up to 3mm wide and up to 5mm in diameter) in a single pass.

The hydraulic capacity and flow through the pipe is increased due to the smooth surface of the applied coating. For quality control purposes, we applied the resin in two colours, recording the application of both using CCTV. This provided assurance to the client that full coverage had been achieved and the repairs completed. The coating easily navigated 12 stories and pipework measuring 30 meters in length. Boasting a 10-year warranty and independent approval by WRc (WR Approved Certificate – PT/431/0918)
The works were completed timely, safely and cleanly with assurance to the client that the system was now sealed and leak free for many years.

  • Delivered on time
  • Delivered on budget
  • Long-term, high-quality solution
  • Professional and polite

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