OnSite Drainage has taken delivery of a new solar powered CCTV surveying system. The new equipment will drive improvements in operational efficiency and support the business’ carbon reduction goals.

Traditionally CCTV surveying equipment is powered by the van’s diesel engine for the duration of the survey.  However, OnSite’s new equipment is powered entirely by a solar panel and charger on the van, eliminating the need to keep the engine running during a survey.

Kevin Carter at OnSite Drainage commented:
“The idea for a more environmentally friendly solution to powering our CCTV surveying equipment originally came from colleague feedback. The idea really resonated with our collective goal of operating with an environmental conscience. From that conversation we commissioned a specialist team to design and build this new generation of CCTV surveying vehicle.”

“Since its first job, we’ve been receiving real-time analysis of both the carbon and commercial benefits, and we’re seeing significant improvements without any compromise on reliability or accuracy.”

The new CCTV surveying vehicle is also delivering improvements elsewhere with its redesigned interior providing more room for storage and workspace for the site crews. It also features much improved lighting to aid visibility and the internal heating is helping to keep operators and their PPE dry. The environments and communities that OnSite operate in are also benefitting from less noise and disruption as there’s no need to continually run the engine.

Our 50 vehicle fleet now boasts an industry-leading ‘Lightfoot’ data-led driver coaching technology and fleet telematics system – a significant commitment and investment to positively and proactively change  driver’s behaviour to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This has already resulted in a 29.4 tonne reduction in four months, with a projected 15% annual CO2 saving – better for our business and for our planet.

Kevin Carter concludes:  “We’re very impressed with the new equipment, so much so that we are aiming to convert the rest of our existing CCTV surveying vehicles. Any new vans we add to the fleet will also feature the solar powered solution, meaning that the use of diesel engines to power our CCTV equipment will soon be a thing of the past.”