Remote teams are being provided with portable defibrillators and specialist cut trauma kits

OnSite, the specialist drainage division of South Staffordshire Plc, has announced that it is making major investments in ensuring the safety of its remote teams. They will be providing portable defibrillators and specialist cut trauma kits in each of their vans as well as ensuring that personnel undertake the professional training needed to use them.

The decision to invest in these life-saving tools and training was based on several factors, including the increased use of heavy mechanised plant, cutting equipment (both mechanical and motorised), isolated sites, remote working and an ageing workforce. With 90% of its workforce operating in high-risk environments every day, OnSite understands the importance of taking proactive steps to ensure their safety.

Working in remote or awkward locations can make it almost impossible for emergency services to respond in time to a cardiac arrest or stroke, or even a catastrophic cut. Therefore, OnSite is proud to invest in these life-saving tools and training to ensure that its personnel has the best chance of survival in case of an emergency.

OnSite believes that this proactive approach to health and safety will not only protect its workforce but will also give its clients peace of mind, knowing that OnSite is committed to ensuring the safety of its teams. The company has identified sites like Darnford Moors (see photograph) to showcase the importance of this approach through promotional projects and collateral. In the case of Darnford Moors, currently being restored by the Lichfield and Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust, as a legacy gift on completion of the works OnSite will be leaving a defibrillator at an agreed location for the public to access if ever it should be required.

This initiative highlights OneSite’s commitment to the health safety of its colleagues and is, in part, why it remains a top choice for customers looking for a reliable and responsible partner.


Steve Brown, OnSite’s specialist first aid practitioner and operations supervisor, said:

“As a company, we understand that the safety and well-being of our workforce is our top priority. We operate in high-risk environments every day and it’s essential that we take proactive steps to mitigate potential risks. By investing in portable defibrillators and specialist cut trauma kits, as well as providing the necessary training, we are equipping our remote teams with the tools they need to respond in an emergency. This initiative is not just about meeting legal requirements, it’s about ensuring our colleagues are protected and can return home safely to their families. We are proud to be taking this important step and look forward to continuing to set the standard for safety in our industry.”