Kando and OnSite are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership, bringing together two leaders in the fields of wastewater network management and innovation.

Established in 1977, and today one of the UK’s leading infrastructure contractors as part of South Staffordshire Plc, OnSite has an active project portfolio across the United Kingdom and around the world, with customers including all of the UK’s water and sewerage companies as well as asset owners in the rail, highways and waterways sectors.

Environmental data and wastewater analytics specialist, Kando, has a similarly international outlook, with projects across Europe and North America adding to their impressive development in their domestic, Israeli market.

The two companies share a clear vision of building a wastewater sector driven by data and intelligent technologies, helping asset owners to develop smarter wastewater networks.

With complimentary expertise,  technological competencies and well-developed global support networks, the partnership represents a significant step in the practical development and deployment of smart wastewater systems, not just in the UK, but around the world.

Combined strengths in; infrastructure knowledge,  expertise, development and data-driven analytics represent an ideal mix of established, market sensitive capabilities, and ground-breaking innovation.

Alan Plante, managing director at OnSite commented, “We’re very pleased to be working with Kando, promoting their innovative new technologies to help our customers solve longstanding challenges. Kando’s data-driven insights can add value, save money, and improve performance across our clients’ wastewater assets. We’ve already made a strong start and will continue our collaboration to bring ever greater benefit to our customers.

Ari Goldfarb, Kando’s co-founder and CEO, said, “OnSite and Kando are  made to work together, not just in terms of their technological, deployment, and market expertise, but also our teams and how well we function as a unit. We’re right at the beginning of our journey together, but we’re already seeing the partnership’s potential becoming a reality. It’s an exciting time, not just for us, but for wastewater in the UK and beyond.”