Client: Dorset County Council

Wool Bridge is a Grade II listed structure which crosses the River Frome in Wool, Purbeck.  The Bridge is the best preserved Elizabethan bridge in Dorset, dating back to 16th century and featured in Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy.

Following a partial collapse, caused by erosion of the bridge foundations, the bridge was cordoned off and aggregate bags used to prevent further collapse until repairs could be carried out.

Portadam was used to isolate the bridge whilst repairs were carried out. A row of 44,  four meter, sheet piles were completely submerged to act as a wall of steel to protect the bridge from undermining by the river. These piles also support the new concrete arch and wall.

The failed section of wall and arch were rebuilt and then clad in the original brickwork that had been recovered once the dam was in place.

The complex engineering repairs took just 16 weeks to complete and the historic landmark has been restored to its former self.

“ We are very pleased with the scheme outcome. Having used the Portadam system on a number of different sites I knew that it would provide a safe working environment for the repair to this historic structure to take place. The Portadam enabled us to carry out the work efficiently and on programme .”

David Clegg, Senior Site Agent, Dorset County Council         


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