Client: Canal & River Trust

Location: Llangollen Canal

“OnSites culvert teams proving once again that difficult and remote access is no problem at all”

These works were carried out for the Canal & River Trust and comprised the cleaning and inspection of three blocked culverts running under the Llangollen Canal.

A straight-forward culvert cleaning and inspection project but with issues regarding access.

The only access to the site was via narrow, single lane, roads, too narrow for conventional HGV jetting vehicles and then across fields.

The work could only be carried out by OnSite using some of our specialist remote access vehicles and equipment.

The vehicles used for this job were a specially converted Landrover for CCTV use and a tractor and portable jetting tank.

The final CCTV survey was carried out using the Mudmaster operated from the 4×4 specialist survey vehicle.

Difficult and remote access is no problem at all. We are often called upon to provide this very specialised inspection and rehabilitation service, particularly by our Framework clients the Environment Agency and the Canal & River Trust.


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