Client: Aberdeenshire Council

Aberdeenshire Council needed to isolate one archway running under the Schattenweg bridge on the Fourdoun Burn, a tributary to the River Ythan. An area that is prone to spates.

A scour hole, from a spate last year, needed filling with concrete and the severely undermined abutment repaired. The central pier was also slightly undermined requiring repair works.

The problems associated with overhead power lines and isolating just one archway in a narrow and potentially fast flowing channel were overcome by using PortaDam.

  • No lifting machinery is required as PortaDam is installed manually from within the channel, which also reduces the projects carbon footprint.
  • The issue of the narrow channel and isolating just one archway was solved by installing two 6m, upstream and downstream, dams with a 22m interconnecting flume running through the adjacent archway.

OnSite have vast experience in the installation of flume dams particularly for bridge scour protection works and whilst the Scottish weather and high flows interrupted the installation, the OnSite team and Council team, operating together, got the dam in quickly and the job completed.

The project took two weeks to complete.


“The portaDam squad on site were excellent and very co-operative.

The system itself was perfect for the works we needed to carry out and we will use this as a case study to present to SEPA for similar future work. ”

Joanne Banks, Construction Engineer, Aberdeenshire Council






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