EZ Valve

OnSite has invested in the latest under pressure equipment and technology to meet an ever increasing demand from clients to undertake work on live, pressurised assets. As a result, OnSite’s skilled technicians can respond to both planned and emergency requests to deliver quick, cost effective solutions to network problems. This service is extremely beneficial when maintaining the network without causing interruptions to domestic, business or industrial customers, where a supply of water is vital to their operations.

As the preferred UK installers of EZ Valve technology, we can insert new gate valves into live mains up to 600mm diameter with minimum disruption, in a single visit.

EZ Valve Cutaway

The benefits to Customers include:

  • Valves can now be installed from 3” (75mm) to 24” (600mm) in a quick, one visit solution
  • WRAS approved
  • Single excavation
  • No concrete thrust blocks required
  • Keeps pipe integrity intact by removing 120 degree cut out section to accommodate valve
  • Faster installation time achieved saving indirect costs
  • No Customer warning required or Network Support
  • No discolouration risks

The EZ Valve body is versatile and can be used to install other fittings such as hydrants, air valves, quadrinas, pressure or flow monitoring equipment.

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