Portable Dams

OnSite are the UK leaders in Temporary Dams for construction, inspections, flow control and creating dry, safe working areas. Working in conjunction with our clients, conducting in depth surveys and sharing our experience, understanding and expertise we are able to provide guidance on the most effective temporary dam solution for any given situation.


OnSite only use proprietary dam systems (ie systems designed, engineered and tested for the specific purpose of holding back water) in order to satisfy temporary works design requirements (TWD).


As well as fulfilling your temporary dam requirements OnSite can also provide the fish rescue, silt / pollution control and removal measures as well as civils work and specialist repairs.


The safety of your workforce and equipment and the timely completion of projects are entirely dependent on the effectiveness of the temporary works which is why OnSites own temporary dam system, Portadam, is often specified by designers and consultants.

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