Portadam is a proprietary dam system. It has been designed specifically to operate as a free standing structure in dynamic environments.

The structural design and performance has been certified by numerous bodies to enable temporary works certification to be achieved.

The design transfers hydraulic loading to a near-vertical load; creating a freestanding dam that requires no additional bracing or supports.

PortadamXL frames are designed for deeper water projects up to 4.5m and are a more economical alternative to sheet piling. Frames over 3m are no longer man-portable and  require lifting machinery for installation.

These are specialist frames are supplied to specific project requirements. Contact us for further information.



  • Deep water channels
  • Harbours and ports
  • Sea Locks
  • Reservoirs
  • Lakes and Lochs



  • More economical than piling
  • No pile driving – no ground impact or vibration
  • Free standing